D3.js and other Javascript

I am a programming noob. I know some basics of Python and HTML, and that’s all. So don’t expect miracles. But the good news is: if you know the basics, you can create great things as well. It will take some time, and you don’t have to be scared to dive into code you do not understand (yet), but you can come up with nice visualizations.

D3.js (D3 stands for Data Driven Documents) is an extensive Javascript library for visualization purposes. There are loads of codes over the web of which the creators allowed you to use it; you just have to edit the code as you like. Which enabled me to create a chord chart, for example.

If you don’t know anything about code, start learning the basic principles of coding. The code academy provides free and interactive lessons for absolute beginners. The next step might be Google Charts, chich is a nice step stone to more complex code.

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