Knightlab Toolbox

The Knigtlab Publishers Toolbox is a great toolbox for data journalists. It provides three tools, which are generally focussed on evoluations.


The Storymap is a great tool if your story has two dimensions: time and place. Show your public the advance of ISIS, for example. Or take them along the escape route of criminals. Or map the stages of the Tour de France.

Very easy to use, click on the image for an example.



TimelineJS allows you to create a… timeline. Looks and feels similar as StorymapJS, but it is based upon Google Spreadsheets, so the user interface is different. Check the tutorial on the Timeline page.


JuxtaposeJS is great and simple tool to show changes in time. You need two pictures of exactly the same place, of two different time frames. Put the urls of both pictures in the form, and you are able to slide over the photo and see changes over time.


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